KMG - step to the future!

We not only supply equipment and provide services for it, but also conduct consultations, design and build healthcare facilities, and equip them on a turnkey basis. Our innovative ideas and technologies in this field are registered.

Our area of activity includes:

  • research centers specializing in the field of molecular diagnostics
  • medical centers and hospitals
  • multidisciplinary hospitals and their departments
  • clinical diagnostic laboratories
  • implementation of medical projects of the PPP of the Government of Kazakhstan


Implements the NLP system (good laboratory practice) and ensures the reliability of preclinical studies using various test systems.

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Diagnoses various types of oncological diseases with high accuracy using the technology of SOR (sequencing of a new generation), and develops a new application of MD (molecular diagnostics). At the same time, it connects research institutes and institutions with original technologies based on IT (information technology) and clinical statistics.

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