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Medical equipment
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KMG group of companies offers equipment and materials manufactured by the Republic of Korea to almost all customer groups in the healthcare system. KMG has a wide range of products that can fully equip a medical institution of almost any profile.

Robot surgeon capable of saving human lives

The endovideo surgical robotic system is designed for minimally invasive complex surgical operations.

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3D bioprinter
Organs printing: three-dimensional bioprinting

3D bio-printer is a printing system for the production of 3D models by melting biodegradable polymers, as well as producing artificial tissues and organs, using bio-ink (hydrogel + cells), can be used for direct printing of thin layers using solutions with low viscosity as a cell suspension

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System for restoration of moving functions

A rehabilitation medical device, which is a robotic system that restores the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

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Medical IP

MEDIP is a model of the company Medical IP, based on deeply trained software that transforms 2D images (MRI and CT) into a 3D printing model and is compatible with T&R Biofab 3D printers

ANATDEL - 3D models of organs with which doctors can practice and train before difficult operations, where the patient’s life depends on the operation. 3D-models of organs makes it possible to accurately and clearly explain and show the patient about his disease.

TISEPX - x-ray tissue separation

DEEP CATH - works on the basis of deep study algorithms, including analysis of the whole body for 3 minutes.

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